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Smith Brothers

Smith Brothers perform year round in Las Vegas casino lounges. They play a wide variety of music including: Oldies, Top 40, Dance and Country. They are one of the top performing lounge acts in the city and have gained success and popularity by encouraging audience participation and by getting to know their fans.

Greg Smith of Smith Brothers Greg Smith - Guitar and Vocals

Greg is from Massillon/Carrollton, Ohio. He came to Las Vegas for a two week performance at the Flamingo Hilton and was offered a long term contract to stay. He took the offer and moved to Las Vegas. The band has been playing in hotel lounges across the city for over 30 years now.
Rami Smith - Drums and Vocals

Rami is also from Massillon/Carrollton, Ohio. He arrived in Las Vegas along with Greg in 1975.
Rami Smith of Smith Brothers
shawn smith of Smith Brothers Shawn Smith - Bass and Vocals

Shawn is also from Massillon/Carrollton, Ohio.
Rick Daugherty - Keyboards

Born in California, Rick has lived in Italy, Germany, South America and Denver prior to settling in Las Vegas. An avid music fan, Rick loves listening to music as much as he does playing it--enjoying classical music and his two favorite bands--The Beatles and Yes. One of the most respected keyboardists in Vegas, Rick is nearing completion of a solo CD, and his own website will be launched this summer.
Rick Daugherty of Smith Brothers


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